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Vocal Recording Booth fully treated for sound reflection giving a full clean vocal recording 

Full mixing of your project. Multiple DAW's & Plugins Available to perfect your mix. 

Stereo image analysis, full tonal balance analysis, and dynamic loudness measuring & more.

Not Just an Experience for Everyone!
Professional Recording Services also Offered!


At the Dream Factory you are the Star! You can be your favorite music artist for the night. In an Exclusive Recording Studio & VIP Lounge. You wanna be Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Cardi B, Drake, Bruno Mars, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson you name it the choice is yours. Sing & Record your favorite songs or your own original songs.  You think you cant Sing or Rap? So what........


Everyone can sing we just don't all sound good lol.

Now sing your heart out No matter how good, bad or horrible. You will have a blast!

Create your experience 


Be The Star You Are!

How it Works?

*Book your Experience*

*Included With Your Booking*

  1. Set your date, time and party size. 

  2. Provide a list of songs you & your party want to record.

  3. Select the vibe or theme for your booking.

  4. Complete the form. Pay and your done.

  5. Please arrive 15 minutes early.

  1. Basic mix of your recorded songs. 

  2. High Quality HD Video for your social media.

  3. Hookah or Vapes 1st flavor free.

  4. Cups, Ice, Water & Snacks are provided.

  5. Free Complimentary Wine based on your package

Food is allowed ***Alcohol Policy*** We are BYOB! Bring your favorite adult beverage.

No outside drinks are allowed! Soda's & Juices are for sale at the Dream Factory.

What to bring?

Go Beyond Karaoke

The Dream Factory is perfect for every occasion

Girls Night?

Sick of the bar scene & hookah lounges? Gather your best girls for an unforgettable night where your the stars.

Date Night?

Forget dinner & and movie!

When you can be the biggest star couple in the music business. Rekindle the spontaneity.


Have your exclusive party at the dream factory. Celebrate your birthday like the star you are

Music Group

Guys Night?

Tired of doing the same thing

every week. Take it to another level. Spit those verses in the studio. Instead of the car with you boys. Be the star you are.

Private Experience Packages

Private packages are available in groups of 6 to 12 people.  Packages include free hookah refills & free complimentary bottle's of wine. Packages 50% Deposit must be paid at the time of booking.


Ready to book a session but have questions? 


Call us at 1-410-878-0157

or fill out the contact form & we’ll get you rolling


905 Light Street

Baltimore, MD 21230


Tel: 1-410-878-0157


Our studio is open 7 days a week:


Tuesday - Thursday 6pm - 12am

Friday & Saturday - 6pm - 2am

Sunday - 12pm - 12am


Thanks for submitting!


Dream Factory Studio Time & Services

Individual Experience Booking

We know everyone has that friend that we

don't feel comfortable paying for in advance

So this option is for you. Also smaller groups of 2 to 5 people. You will be booked with other parties not to exceed 12 people